Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am so grateful to be a creative person... there is always a thought and a painting brewing in my head, and now that my studio is just steps gives me even more freedom to create. In these winter months I do all the marketing stuff that I keep putting off... website and blog updating, ordering supplies, researching ideas and day dreaming. I loved living in the city, but I never expected life to be so EASY in the country. It is true....I don't live on a county road that is maintained by the town but I do have a great neighbor who comes with his fancy backhoe thingy to plowish me out... but with my FORD F-150 I don't need him too much. I have four children and three grandchildren... and any given day I could be on the phone with them working through their life stuff... lately, mostly all good stuff! I had my last child when I was 40, so I am still actively parenting, three of four children are in need of my listening skills today. I often am in a holding pattern.... waiting instructions from my children. I enjoy hibernating in my warm cozy home working on my second career phase of my life, after teaching for 30 years, I am now doing what I love. I love my view of the water in all seasons. I consider it such a joy to be able to live alone, because it allows me time to do things... anytime.... day or night. I do admit I have all the bells and whistles for my TV and other technology stuff. There is absolutely nothing that can touch the feeling of when someone cancels plans on me .... I am suddenly left with surprise of unscheduled alone time...and it’s truly an untouchable feeling of happiness! I love being a mom, grandmother, artist and 63yrs old. Cheers, *clink

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

sturdy and weathers well

48x48 inches
oil on canvas
This is the first painting of a new series… view from my cottage on Lake Ontario…looking true North. I get sunset and sunrise from this window. Heaven on earth.